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About Us

Genicci is a European leather goods brand which was founded in the Netherlands in 1988.

Discover Genicci, where premium craftsmanship meets timeless design. Our 100% full-grain leather bags and accessories are handcrafted by artisans dedicated to quality and sustainability. With a focus on elegance and durability, each product is made to be an exquisite and lasting addition to your wardrobe. Experience the art of leathercraft with Genicci. Our collections are designed to blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering both functionality and style. Whether for work, travel, or leisure, Genicci's leather products are versatile and timeless, making them perfect companions for any occasion.

Our Story

Welcome to Genicci Leatherworks: A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Innovation

At Genicci Leatherworks, our journey is fueled by passion, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence in leather goods. Our story began in 1988 when Hugo van de Wouw, driven by a love for craftsmanship and a vision for the future, started in a family garage.

A Humble Beginning

Picture Hugo at 19, surrounded by the rich scent of leather, meticulously crafting bags and wallets. This was the start of Genicci Leatherworks, where each stitch carried a dream and every design spoke of dedication.

Global Horizons

Innovation knows no bounds. In 1999, we moved production to Hungary, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship further. For a decade, Hungary was our heart, where we honed our skills and expanded our reach.

A Journey to India

In 2009, we found new inspiration in India's vibrant culture and tradition. Amidst bustling streets and lively markets, we established a new home for our craftsmanship, growing stronger each year.

Continuing the Legacy

In 2024, Hugo alongside new partner Fahed Sheikh, continues the journey, guided by experience and a shared vision for the future.

Innovation Know No Bounds

Innovation has always been our guiding star. From bags and wallets to accessories, each collection reflects our passion for creation. Our designs blend the latest trends with timeless elegance, embodying the soul of Genicci Leatherworks.

A Vision for Tomorrow

Looking ahead, our vision is clear—to redefine leather craftsmanship, inspire creativity, and leave a lasting legacy. Each new collection weaves tradition and innovation, creating pieces that are more than accessories—they're expressions of identity.

Join us on the Journey

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of leather, we invite you to join us. Explore our collections, discover the artistry in each piece, and become part of the Genicci Leatherworks family.

Created with Passion , Worn with Pride

At Genicci Leatherworks, every stitch tells a story. Join us as we continue to write our next chapter—one stitch at a time.

With Our Extensive Collection of Leather Products

Genicci is a brand from the Netherlands known for crafting a variety of high quality and voguish leather products since day one.
Our passion for quality has been our driving force from the beginning and will continue to motivate us in the future. The team at Genicci knows that every product counts and strives to make the entire shopping experience as satisfying and fun as possible. Check out our shop and special offers and get in touch with any questions or requests.

We pride ourselves on using 100% full-grain leather, the finest and most durable part of the hide. This commitment to quality ensures that every Genicci product not only looks beautiful but also ages gracefully, developing a unique character over time. Each Genicci piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans who bring their expertise and meticulous attention to detail to every creation. From the initial design to the final stitch, we ensure that every product meets our high standards of craftsmanship

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